Monday, September 08, 2008

new salon table

Sorry for not posting lately. We purchased a new salon table this weekend. The table that was originally in the boat was one very large table that was taking up too much room - especially while living aboard. We had taken that out shortly after we moved aboard 4 years ago. Yes, it was just 4 years last week that we moved aboard and we still love it! We had always planned to have a table made but it's "on the list" along with hundreds and hundreds of other things :) We periodically stop in at Second Wave a consignment shop for used marine items. We stopped in last Friday and they had this table there which is pretty much exactly what we had in mind to have made. It's mahogany and in really good shape! It's like it was made for our boat. It has two side leaves that fold down/up. When they are folded down the table is not very wide so it's easy to move around the table. We still have to get it bolted to the "floor" but for now we can move it around. It's also gimballed (basically you can change the angle of the table) using a simple dowel method so it has 3 different positions. It has a long, skinny drawer which is nice.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The road we take to/from work, church, grocery store, Mark's Dad's house, etc was recently closed due to a large sinkhole/slide. It happened during the heavy rains/flooding a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately they can't even start work now until April when things are a little more stabilized. Then it will be 6-8 weeks for the repairs! There's only one other road we can take from the marina so hopefully that road stays open! You'll see in one of the pictures that a car slid down the side - no one was injured.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Summer/Fall 2007 update

We did get out for a few day sails this summer but that was about it. Hope to do more next year and maybe even over the winter. Since we have our full enclosure, which keeps us out of the wind and rain, we can go out.

We are still on D dock at Shilshole but will be moving this month to our permanent slip a few boats closer to the gate.

We made two trips to Minnesota this year - once in August for the Butterfield Threshing Bee. It rained most of the weekend so some of the activities were cancelled but we still had fun. Had an opportunity to visit with lots of relatives. Then we went back to Minnesota in October for Aunt Miriam's wedding to Vaughn. Again, visited with lots and lots of relatives!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Seattle Boat Show purchases

We just spent three days at the Seattle Boat Show mostly attending some really great, free seminars on sail inventory, rigging, radar, pc navigation, weather, etc. We also did a little gathering of info on things we need to purchase and even bought a few things. We "splurged" on a custom mattress that we should receive in about 3 weeks. The salesman is at our boat right now measuring and making a pattern to send to the factory. We can't wait until it arrives! Hopefully our backs and hips will be much happier also! We also bought a life raft. We weren't really planning to do that yet but we can push out the actual purchase for a year (with just a $100 deposit) and can probably delay that even further so we thought we'd go ahead now. We bought a Winslow Offshore Plus which is a very reputable life raft manufacturer. A bit pricey but if we ever need it we should be very happy we spent the money on it! The salesman is the VP of the company and part owner and was really great to talk to. He threw in a number of options at no charge like an inflatable floor (that looked like a mattress), storage pockets, and even an upgraded fishing kit and waterproof playing cards :) I posted pictures below of the mattress and the life raft.

Custom Mattress and Life Raft pictures

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January update

I posted some additional interior pictures below. Just returned from a business trip to Orlando where I took a connecting flight on NW through Minneapolis on the return. I was able to spend a few days in MN (Thurs - Sun) so spent most of it with Mom & Dad in New Ulm. While there got to see Steve/Denise, Aunt Joyce and Bonnie/Jeff. Sure was nice to see them all! Then spent Saturday night at Aunt Miriam's in Minneapolis. She had a nice dinner and invited Dave/Gena, Beth/Eldon and Hilary/Mark. Also saw cousin Matt briefly and went up to Mark and Hilary's condo for soup. Was nice to see everyone even if it was a quick trip! This week the big Seattle Boat Show starts so will spend time shopping, gathering info, and attending lots of seminars. Should be fun (and perhaps expensive)!

Additional pictures

Monday, December 11, 2006

Starboard side

Finished the upholstery so now both the port side and starboard settee's have the same tan fabric.

Port side couch

Port side looking aft towards galley.

Looking aft


Galley - you can see the "refrigerator lids" now installed in the top of the counter.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vberth cushion covers

With the middle section out.

Vberth cushion covers

Vberth with middle section in - makes one big bed!

Vberth cushion covers

The sides of the vberth are not yet finished so look VERY UGLY! We have a leak, perhaps in the stanchions on the deck, so want to fix that before doing the vberth sides (actually called ceiling) and the ceiling (actually called headliner)! The pillow you see is actually stuffed with a sleeping bag. The piece behind that is the section that fits in the front. You will see it in another picture.